Slugfest 2012 May 18th – 21st

Slugfest is less than a month away! Sign up on our Facebook page to get updates for 2012!!!!


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Root von Root Sighted at Warrior Dash

The Slugfest 2011 Root von Root t-shirt made an appearance at Warrior Dash last weekend.  Where will RvR show up next?

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Google+ Hangout – Slugcity Style

We’ll be all hanging out on Google+ every two weeks starting Aug 21st around 7pm. Come join us on Sunday for the Slugcity conf call.

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New FB Like, +1, Tweet, Digg, Rub & Tugg Buttons Added

So here at, we are always trying to give a good impression that we give two shits.  So what better way to give three shits than to put new like buttons at the bottom of each post!

It took me all but 30 seconds to install and activate, so I’m done updating for the week boys and girls!


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Root Von Root Spotted Annoying Charlie Daniels at Lincoln County Fair

Last weekend Root Von Root made an appearance at the Lincoln County Fair where Charlie Daniels played on Saturday night.

RvR tried to make his way up on stage, but security thought a little bit different, but hugged it out before the show was over.


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Where In The World Is RVR?

We’ve added a link on the right hand side for updating the RVR Slugfest T-shirt Google Map.  If you spot a RVR Slugfest T-shirt out in the wild, be sure to update the map!

RVR Slugfest T-Shirt Sighting Google Map



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Thrash Robs Flippo At The Wall

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Welcome to the new Slugcity Homepage

We will be migrating to a new homepage in the next few weeks, which will have deep integration with Facebook. As new items are migrated, we’ll post the info on our homepage.

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